A new direction for solar roofs

One of the most intriguing and thrilling new developments that could have a big impact on house design is Tesla and Elon Musk’s newest project to produce solar roof tiles. These tiles are designed to look like more conventional roof tiles that will cover the roof rather than panels sitting on the roof. Different tiles for different style homes. This means no unsightly solar panels  compromising the design of an elegant home. This is sure to appeal to a homeowner who would welcome the benefit of a solar powered home, but might not have wanted to live with the aesthetic compromise.

Given that solar panels don’t work on all exposures, dummy tiles are made to create the seamless appearance of the roof. “I think there’s a radical difference between having solar panels on your roof that actually makes your house look better versus ones that do not, I think it’s going to be a night- and -day difference” said Musk in a statement before the product’s official launch. This past October, unveiling a demonstration project created to showcase this seamless design, an entire audience of press had to be persuaded that they were in fact looking at a solar roof.


Musk claims that a Tesla solar roof will be cheaper than regular roofing when factoring in the electricity cost savings, though most analysis has it currently in the luxury realm. But given the projected lifespan of the product, it should be compared to metal or tile roofing, not asphalt, for cost comparisons. The quartz tiles have been demonstrated to be extremely durable and able to withstand heavy loading and impact pressure that would damage or destroy other roofing materials. So for someone building or remodeling a home for the long term investment, these could actually end up being tremendously cost saving.